Blake Tucker

Photographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller.

I began my career by working on Star Wars. Becoming a digital effects technician, an animator, and a digital storyboard artist allowed me to progressively discover my eye.

After working for Pixar on Finding Nemo for 5 years, I launched my own photography studio. I have exhibited work in over 40 shows, including the prestigious San Francisco Airport Museum gallery.

For a decade I worked as the video producer and conference planner at a growing software company, where I refined my storytelling skills and learned how to create a business. Today I continue to work producing motion graphics, videos and films.
At Pixar, I grew from a simple editorial assistant on Monsters, Inc. to the Story Manager and Script Supervisor on Finding Nemo. In those roles I managed a team of artists and coordinators to illustrate and envision story of the film, which won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2003. After the film's completion, I collaborated with Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton to write Academy reader's script. It was submitted and won the studio a nomination for Best Screenplay. I was also handpicked by Stanton to direct the videogame’s voice talent (including Allison Janney and Willem Dafoe) to free his time for other projects.
​During my time at Lucasfilm, I worked in the marketing department, then the model & prop archive (pictured here) and ultimately in the Art Department on Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. With my first job out of college I was proud to help various aspects of the design of the film and to learn many practical talents I have used throughout my life. But I may be proudest that I single-handedly put all the subtitles on the film (it's Franklin Gothic, if you're wondering).
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